GoPro Hero 6 Tester Registration US Info (Affluent)

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Last year’s GoPro Hero 5 Black was somewhat of a sea change for GoPro’s Hero range, and a camera I called GoPro’s “greatest hits”. The Hero 6 Black, however, is very much an evolution of a now established winning formula. It improves in many key areas, including in its top-end resolution and frame rates, as well as offering significantly better image stabilisation and upgrades in overall image quality. UPDATE: GoPro has reduced the price of the Hero 6 Black from its original $499/£499. You can now bag one for $399/£399 making it a much better prospect. For the money, it’s by far the best action camera available and the new lower price removes one of the biggest negatives around GoPro’s flagship camera when we originally reviewed it at its higher price. In terms of physical design, nothing has changed. The camera body is identical to the Hero 5 Black. So much so, in fact, that if you own the older camera then I’d recommend marking up the newer model to tell them apart. The obvious benefit to this consistency in design is that all of the Hero 5 Black-specific mounts and accessories – such as the Karma drone and Karma Grip – are compatible with the Hero 6 Black. I won’t go into too much detail here since so little has changed; read the Hero 5 Black review for more details. There’s still a 2-inch touchscreen on the back, but it wasn’t until I put the two models next to one another that I noticed the quality of the display has improved. Colours on the Hero 6 Black’s display are far punchier compared to the washed-out look of the older model. This isn’t a huge deal for a device that you’ll predominantly be using to quickly frame shots, but it’s welcome nevertheless.

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The touch-responsiveness also appears to have been improved. In the past, the Hero 5 Black would on occasion fail to register some of the swipe gestures to access menus, but the Hero 6 Black is swifter to respond. Voice controls also make a return, meaning you can say ‘GoPro start recording’ and the device will begin accordingly. New is the wake-on-voice function. Now, when turned off with your voice, the GoPro will move into a low-power listening mode for eight hours that will enable you to turn on the device and begin recording with a voice command. When it works, it’s great. However, the issue is that the GoPro can still struggle to pick up your voice in noisier surroundings – when it’s windy outdoors, for instance. There are optional accessories such as GoPro’s wearable Remo remote that feature a microphone that will help in this type of scenario, but I was hoping the camera’s mics might have seen an improvement. You can still quickly begin recording a video from off just by hitting the shutter button on top of the camera; a second press will power it back down. It’s super-convenient. The Hero 6 Black remains waterproof to 10 metres without the need for any external housing, which is a welcome feature. If you want to go to greater depths, a separate housing is available for scuba fans. In the box you get the usual adhesive mounts to get started. One of GoPro’s strengths in general is its mounts and accessories. Think of somewhere you might want to attach this camera and GoPro or third-parties will likely already have a suitable option.

A large number of testers needed for the GoPro Hero 6, as part of a national survey. First 100-200 registrations are guaranteed to receive a GoPro Hero 6 free of charge. 
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