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My Epic Journey from ​
​Student to ​​​​​IMA!?

​Short Prologue (CLICK HERE)

As all usually do, I went through the formal education system and obtained my degree. I ended choosing a Uni-Bachelor related to International Business and was overall not disappointed with my decision, yet... I felt it could not prepare me for the fast-changing world that lay ahead of me. ?

I f​ound out that I could partially fill up that void and calm that slight anxiety by overloading myself with extra-curricular activities. To learn ​things school could not teach me. I was basically, applying to all honours programmes, exchanges, masterclasses and scholarships available while working at a challenging direct sales gig on the weekends. Fun times. ?

​          Beijing Forbidden City - On my two-month educational visit to the Far-East

​After an honours summer school in Beijing and a semester abroad at one of the best business schools in Asia, located in Singapore, I was almost done with my bachelor. ​While I was abroad, I came to the realization that everybody has a degree nowadays and that the way to differentiate myself was through my skills, creativity and professional network. So I decided that I would delay my masters and focus on work and connecting with pro's in an area that I adore: Online Marketing. ? ?

​The whole premise of selling your idea online and creating massive growth, income and scale just clicked with me. ​​Around those years I had been reading, watching and listening to big-time entrepreneurs for a few years by then, and I recognized that most of their succes could be attributed to ​brilliant marketeers and killer sales people. Of which most of them (e.g. Gary Vaynerchuck, Tai Lopez, , Noah Kagan, Tim Ferris, Derek Sivers, Kevin Rose, etc.) were one or the other, or both. 

​​​Thus over the last 3 years I ​have built an extensive skill-set in online marketing and sales that I attained through jobs, self-learning, mentorships and freelance work. I preferred to work for start-ups and websites as I could come into contact with energetic and ambitious entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. That energy rubs off on you, you know. ​​With this work I've had the freedom and budget to experiment, learn and refine the fine strokes of the art, which I must say I am proficient at right now (Paid Social Ads, E-mail marketing and automation, Content Marketing, Display advertising, Web Design, Lead generation, Adobe Creative Suite, you name it)​. The strategic thinking, copywriting and the client relations ​​I found are ​my strong-suits and were therefore the most interesting part of the work.

​       Singapore Marina Bay Sands - a 10 minute walk from my apartment

"The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement" - ​Tim Ferris

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​Eventhough the freelancing work and sales-training (by Oh Norman) was fruitful, I felt that I could improve much quicker ​at a professional online marketing agency. Therefore I said my goodbyes to the start-up peeps and other clients and we finally arrived at the present moment, ​at which I am actively looking for a more serious position at an Online Marketing & Creative Agency​. Ideally I would like to work on more strategy-based tasks, ​therefore Brand Strategist is the most fitting vacancy that you currently have. Learning as much as possible by​ doing is my goal here, so ​the fact that the brand strategist is able to work with different ​facets of the marketing mix and a number of key decision-makers w​ill ​fit this aim perfectly. This position will totally ​match my skill-set as well. ​​All in all, I'm a jack of all trades with a creative, entrepreneurial and pro-active mind- and skill-set and a natural ​strength for sales. ​ ?

If you feel like I could potentially be a good fit for your strategic-team(s), I would be more than happy to come by and ​tell you ​ more ​about myself, shake a good number of hands and talk ​details. ​My apologies for the long read, ​I just felt this way of sending a job application would sketch a ​more accurate picture of me than doing it the "normal" way. Lastly,​ you can always reach me on: +31621305574 and [email protected] . ?  ?

Kind regards,

Leon Lanen

Curriculum Vitae

Thank you for reading! Hope to hear from you soon!

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